Kerala falling in Love with Tamilnadu – The Fairytale Wedding

Kerala falling in Love with Tamilnadu – The Fairytale Wedding

How we met..

My name is Anjana and I am married to Saran. The story of how we together is one of the plays of destiny, I am very grateful for our togetherness and I thought I will share the story of how we met with you.

Saran and I are quite the opposites but we also have lots of things in common. What was common was what brought us together and that too in a very short span of time. I am from Palakkad, Kerala and Saran from Salem, Tamil Nadu. Our mother tongues are different – mine, Malyaalam, his, Tamil – but we were both brought up in Chennai. There begins our common connection.

We met each other at work. We had mutual friends and we bumped into each other through them. We got talking to each other and I learnt that we had a very similar take on life. But I think I fell in love with him when he told me he loves ice creams – I know this sounds silly, but really, something stirred within me about the way he said it and I knew he was meant for me. As we got talking, I learnt a lot about his passion for photography and developed imense respect for his capabilities as an engineer too. We became a couple – thanks to our mutual liking for good humor, travel and taking life as it comes – one day at a time. I think we got lucky, but I firmly believe that when you are meant to be with someone, you will be with them no matter what.

On marriage..

I have no idea when the ‘us becoming a couple’ happened, I must say that the understanding grew over time. The moment we realized that we wanted to be with each other, we took it to our families, made them understand what we have for each other and decided to get married. We are thankful that we were able to succeed in our mission.

On wedding planning..

Saran is a wedding photographer, so it was easy to plan our wedding. He had it all planned in his head and our job together was to execute it, so it wasn’t that much of a stress at all! Our Sangeeth and wedding was hosted at Palakkad, and we also had a reception in Chennai, the city that brought us together. We had a kerala-style wedding amidst the presence of our families and friends, it was surreal! We had our cousins, family and friends dance and sing and rejoice during our sangeeth, we were mighty thrilled and extremely thankful that everything went amazingly well.

On Focuz Studios’ photography..

The wedding was a truly memorable moment for us – we were officially together, with each other and for the rest of our lives. Focus Studios have done a great job in capturing our wedding. The pictures have captured all our family, friends and relatives smiling and rejoicing on our occassion, and we were very satisfied to look at the emotion in these pictures. The reception was very grand too, there were a lot of colors and the vibrancy of the space and the smiles in our faces reflect in the pictures too and we hope you enjoy viewing our wedding photographs!

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