Stories Through The Pictures

-Every Picture has its own story to say-

Stories are really how the world works. Stories are what shapes us, and what continues to shape us – most times, we don’t even recognize that we are part of a story and we are building our own story – and that is why Photography continues to be as important as living the story itself. The picture of a grandmother smiling at her daughter and granddaughter reveals more than a smile. The curve of her smile is answer to the life wisdom she has accrued over years, the twinkling in her eyes is a reflection of her warmth, her memories and all the world’s love.. the picture of her smiling at her children is not just her smile, it is the story of three generations of women – straight down the root, cheering for each other. That one picture is the story of passing the baton in a clan, the story of memory, the story of a family.

At Focuz studios, we pay attention to YOUR stories. That is why we take immense effort in getting a shot right – because your pictures are your stories and it is our responsibility to capture a moment to make it a story that will be worth remembering for a lifetime.

The angle is as much important as the composition – two similarly shot pictures but with different compositions can convey different stories. That is the magic of photography. We have tried our hand at weaving a narrative out of pictures. What do you think is the story? How do you look at these pictures? Do they talk to you? Let us know in the comments!

And if you want to create stories through our pictures, don’t forget to contact us for your big days. Let’s create magic together, just allow us to stitch your life story by capturing your big moments. A picture does speak volumes!