Vaishnavi and Sidharthan’s Spectacular Telugu Wedding in Sree Varaaham Hall, Chennai

Vaishnavi and Sidharthan’s Spectacular Telugu Wedding in Sree Varaaham Hall, Chennai

A Captivating Celebration of Love and Tradition: Mehandi, Pellikuthuru, Pellikoduku, Reception, Vandhanam, and Wedding

Vaisnavi and Sidharthan’s Telugu wedding was an unforgettable event filled with love, laughter, and tradition. The couple’s road to marriage was marked by various ceremonies including Mehandi, Pellikuthuru, Pellikoduku, Party, Vandhanam, and finally the wedding ceremony. Each of these ceremonies has played an important role in celebrating the union of Vaishnavi and Sidharthan. 

Celebrations began with the Mehandi ceremony, where the bride, her family members, and friends would gather to decorate their hands and feet with intricate henna designs. This colorful and joyful ceremony was a great start to the Chennai wedding celebrations.

Then the Pellikuthur ceremony takes place, where the family offers the bride their gifts and blessings for a new life. Likewise, there was a Pellikoduku ceremony for the groom, where the family presented him with gifts and a blessing for the upcoming marriage. 

The party was great with the couple greeting their guests and posing for photos. An evening of music, dancing, and delicious food made it an unforgettable event for all guests. 

The Vandhanam ceremony was a solemn occasion where the couple exchanged garlands and took vows in the presence of their families and loved ones. This ceremony marked the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife.

Finally, the wedding ceremony took place at  Sree Varaaham Hall wedding venue in Koyambedu, Chennai. The venue was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights, creating a magical atmosphere for the couple’s relationship. The ceremony was performed using traditional Telugu wedding rituals and the couple exchanged vows and rings, showing their mutual devotion. 

In summary, the marriage of Vaishnavi and Sidharthan was a spectacular celebration of love and tradition. Each ceremony was unique and meaningful, making the entire event an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Capturing the Magic: A Look at Vaishnavi and Sidharthan’s Telugu Wedding Photography

The wedding photography of Vaishnavi and Sidharthan’s wedding was a true work of art. Every moment was captured perfectly, showing the beauty and magic of the couple’s special day. 

From the Mehandi ceremony to the wedding ceremony, each event was beautifully documented and showed the love and joy present in the ceremony. The photos faithfully reflect the couple’s happiness and the love they share. 

The decor and photos of the wedding venue are equally stunning, with every detail captured to perfection. Sree Varaaham Hall in Koyambedu, Chennai has been transformed into a dream place with beautiful flowers, lights, and decorations. Photographs of the wedding hall testify to the creativity and hard work of the decorators and wedding planners. 

The shots of the young couple are a real hit in wedding photography. This couple’s chemistry and love are visible in every photo, making it a real pleasure to watch. The photos of the bride and groom’s Telugu wedding traditions dresses and accessories are also stunning, showing the couple’s unique style and personality.

Overall, the wedding photography of Vaishnavi and Sidharthan is an actual work of art. Capture the magic and beauty of a young couple’s special day and show everyone their love and happiness.


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