Brahmin Wedding Virdham in Radisson Blu Chennai

Brahmin Wedding Virdham in Radisson Blu Chennai

Akshaya and Vaibhav live in different states in India. They are connected with love and beyond gods secret of love. Brahmin Wedding Virdham Ceremony Chennai can be quite elaborate, and this one was no exception. As soon as the groom’s family arrived at the wedding venue, they were showered with flower petals by relatives and well-wishers, while the bride’s family underwent a similar celebration upon arrival at their hotel in Radisson Blu Chennai, India.

Brahmin Wedding Vratham Ceremony Chennai

The vratham event, a crucial aspect of a traditional Brahmin Wedding Virdham Ceremony in Chennai, took place at Radisson Blu. Focuz Studios got wonderful brahmin wedding pictures in this vratham event of bride and groom.

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