A Beautiful Brahmin Wedding Photography in Bangalore, Karnataka

A Beautiful Brahmin Wedding Photography in Bangalore, Karnataka

We love photography. We love photography even more when it’s a Tambrahm wedding and that in the lush garden city of India – Bengaluru – this one was a blast. Tambrahm weddings are always laden with so many rituals and our excitement to capture all the colors and details to the hilt is only on the rise, how many ever Tambrahm weddings we shoot. Jayashree and Ram’s wedding in Bangalore made for a very memorable shoot for us – they had all the rituals planned and executed to perfection, shooting their wedding was utmost fun! The Kaasi Yaathra and Oonjal are two rituals we always look forward to in a Tambrahm wedding for we believe that we are able to shoot some really fulfilling shots during these colorful rituals and Ram & Jayashree’s wedding was no exception! We loved Jayashree’s madisaar – arakku silk with a green border was definitely very new for us and we hope we were able to do justice to the beauty of their wedding with our camera. Here are some pictures:

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