Best Sangeet Dance Performance Ever in Tamil Nadu KANIMOZHI and SIVA



The Sangeet has now become tradition in South India. Siva and Kanimozhi’s Wedding featured a Sangeet, Best Sangeet Dance Performance Ever in Tamil Nadu KANIMOZHI and SIVA that Set the benchmark for all the other South indian Wedding Sangeets to come. Guys, this is how it’s done! The bride and the groom and all their relatives gathered around in a ballroom. Pehla nasha started playing in the background, and the couple started dancing to celebrate their togetherness. The relatives witnessed this love, and were struck in awe about how coordinated their movements were. This must have taken a lot of practice, and patience! Siva presented a ring to Kani at the end of this song, and Kani was taken over by a spectrum of emotions from love to thank fullness. This dramatic dance was followed by A LUNGI DANCE! Siva partied, and danced, why even better than SRK himself. Thalaivaa would have been proud! The relatives joined in, dancing, laughing, and feasting, and it was a fantastic Sangeet were everybody let their hair down for once, and along with it their inhibitions to dance with full of life, love and joy. We will say it again, really, THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE


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