South Indian Wedding Film Video KAUSHIK and SUGANYA


Kaushik and Suganya’s South Indian wedding film is a beautiful representation of their special day. The couple’s wedding was a photographer’s dream, filled with moments that perfectly captured their love and traditions. What truly stands out is the genuine and tailor-made nature of this wedding, reflecting the couple’s personalities.

Kaushik and Suganya, the bride and groom, are an absolute delight to watch. They radiate happiness and are a perfect match, which is evident in every frame of this film. We approached this project with a desire to capture their story uniquely. To do so, we packed our camera bags and set up camp at Kaushik’s place, ensuring that we documented every significant moment of their wedding journey.

The video starts with the morning Pooja at their house, showcasing the initial rituals and preparations. The following day, the Nalangu ceremony brings a sense of joy and tradition. The reception was a simple yet spectacular affair, a testament to their style and elegance.

The culmination of this beautiful journey was the traditional Tamil wedding ceremony. Every detail was captured, from the rituals to the emotions, making it a heartfelt and authentic experience. Kaushik and Suganya’s remarkable looks only added to the visual appeal, and we made it our mission to encapsulate all that beauty in one breathtaking wedding cinematography.

The cinematography for this project was expertly handled by CHANDRUBHARATHY and SARANRAJ, while the editing was skillfully done by CHANDRUBHARATHY. The result is a mesmerizing South Indian wedding film that beautifully tells the story of Kaushik and Suganya’s love and commitment.

In the end, this wedding film is a testament to love, tradition, and the beauty of two souls coming together. It’s a treasure trove of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime and a testament to the magic of a South Indian wedding. Here’s to Kaushik and Suganya and their happily ever after.

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Chandra Bharathy & Saran , are both Graduate Engineers and very passionate in Cinematography and Photography , they enjoy their work and give their best to the customers, We engaged them for our son Kaushik’s wedding in Sep 2013. Chandru speaks very less and humble, he shown few of his works , Chandru is Mechanical Engineer but not stuck in a corporate world for long time for monthly salary, he thrown his typical 9 to 5 job, and start carrying camera’s on his hands, I admired his passion and determination to work beyond lenses and capture the greatest memories of others… We decided to engage him for our first son Kaushik’ s wedding without any doubt. He did a fabulous job and satisfied us more than our expectation.. We also engaged him again for wedding reception at Singapore – his first overseas work… Focuzstudios is growing fast and doing a more and more fabulous work . Our sincere appreciation to the Chandru and his team for excellent work. Wish him all the best for great future .
S.P.Asokan & family.

Chandru Bharathy

Thanks a lot sir, for your kind words and wishes… 🙂

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