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Transcended The Boundaries | Sharm & Esther

Singapore Tamil Hindu Wedding Temple Wedding

This wedding is the spirit of the true messiah of peace. We are so living in a world divided by race, caste and religion, but here is one couple that transcended the boundaries of religion to send a message out to the world: Love. Love brings the world alive, and love unites people. The beautiful bride, Esther, is a Christian and the handsome groom, Sharm is a Hindu. They met each other a couple of years ago, and became very good friends. Love slowly crept in as well, and that’s all that mattered to them. They decided to get married, and their families were only too happy. The bride and the groom made no compromise in sending out a message to the world: All religions can wonderfully co-exist. To mark that spirit, they got married in both the Hindu and the Christian styles!

The Hindu wedding had the bride all beautifully decked up in a peacock-green saree. We specifically liked her Temple jewellery headset that made her look very resplendent. She was full of smiles, and there was not a single moment when the smile was absent from her face. The groom wore the traditional ‘rajah’ style clothing, and he looked like the definite king of Esther’s heart! The temple was hosted at the Murugan Temple in Singapore. The crowd was very small- the respective families of the bride and the groom, and some close friends. Everyone was smiling throughout, and it was such a beautiful sight to witness. The priest gave an extraordinarily beautiful speech in Tamizh and it was so heartwarming to see ‘Tamizh’ chants in a wedding. Why don’t we take a leaf out of this wedding and incorporate more Tamizh in weddings here in Tamizh Nadu? Instead of the Sangeet, some Paravai Koothu maybe? Sharm’s and Ether’s wedding was held in Singapore, but it was so Tamizh than most Tamizh weddings. Loveliest couple, we wish them the best!


Singapore Tamil Hindu Wedding Temple Wedding SHARM and ESTHER

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