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An Exotic Destination Wedding | Chandana & Vinay

Engagement Photography in Mysore, Karnataka

It has become a nice fad to get married or engaged in exotic places. Exotic destinations, exotic events, exotic ceremonies, and all of that. And it’s a welcome change for us, photographers, to shoot exotic destination ceremonies. It helps us take a break from the monotony in it’s own way. There is something definitely exotic about exotic marriages. Engagement Photography in Mysore, Karnataka Chanada and Vijay’s engagement ceremony was one such.

They got engaged in one of the most awesome resorts in Mysore, and it was a pleasure just roaming about that place. Let alone capturing the resort. We loved the roof! A top angle shot would have sent us straight to Moksha. It looked that good on the eyes. 🙂 There was a huge lawn, green and glowing, decorated with herbs and ferns and exotic plants. Lots of green that was as endless as the sea. The bridegroom Vinay justified his royal demeanour by dressing up accordingly. A true blue Maharaja! Chandana and Vinay were super enthusiastic about the shoot, and it was nice to do this project for them.
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