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Why Candid Photography is inconvincible among our Grand Parents?

By January 5, 2019Others

Candid photography is a new trend of capturing pictures that attracts almost all the wedding couple out in the world. Though this kind of photography is broadly appreciated by the teenagers, our grandparents and sometimes even our parents are not easily convincible for they aren’t much expressive in listing out their reasons for refusal. Here are a few points that might help you on digging their unexpressed emotions which are the hidden reasons for their denials on choosing candid photography. Dive into this crispy article to know why candid photography couldn’t satisfy our grandparents.

1.Only particular area is focused in Candid Photography

The focus on the subject and other background all are blurred out, (candid photography) it might be the prime reason. They want every element emerging on the picture to be clearly focused and they don’t want to miss someone who is at the far end of the hall to go unnoticed.

2.Everyone needs to be covered

They want to cover all the events in a way where their family members who happened to do the rituals behind the couple are distinctly visible as of how the wedding couple would be in the pictures. No matter where their family members are positioned. Back, front or any other side. All they wish is to cover every possible angle, a photographer could get to develop a perfect album.

3.The Subject needs to see the camera

The major reason why candid photography couldn’t satisfy our grandparents is that the tenet they have on photography. To them, the couple has to focus the lens on every picture so when they flip through the album, they get to feel that pictures are actually addressing them.

4.Even in ritual, the subjects need to see the camera for picture

The garland exchange. This is one among the major reasons why our grandparents want to rely on traditional photographers. The thirst on seeing the couple exchanging garland is quite over emphasized among the grandparents. So, they demand the couple to focus the camera during those moments of garland exchange as to them, it speaks for itself lovingly. No matter if its candid photography or traditional photography, it needs to fulfill their requirements.

5.Again needs to see the camera while blessing or gifting

In Indian tradition, the gift-giving ceremony is quite obvious to us. The newly-wed couples are flooded with gifts for their new start in life is pretty memorable to them. On such occasions, our grandparents don’t want to miss the relatives and friends who came to garnish your special day. The more lively the picture is, the more satisfied they become.

6.Few other reasons listed below

  • They expect all your pictures are camera focused. Eyes to the lens is all they wish.
  • The major reason why they’re reluctant in choosing a candid photographer is that they want all the rituals to be in a proper sequence.
  • They wish to get a picture of the entire crowd gathered to bless their newly-wed grandchildren who’re feasting themselves in the dining hall.
  • Grandparents demand to see the decorations right from the plantain trees that are fixed in the front zone of the Kalyana Mandapam to the wedding stage located inside the hall.
  • They want their entire family members to be captured in one single picture and demand the photographers to not stop clicking until they get the perfect shot but they couldn’t stop drifting their heads away from the lens for they’re busy mocking and enjoying the moments as when they come together.
  • They want the bride and groom to wear the smile in every picture a photographer clicks. This gives them a feel where the couple is symbolizing the happiness on tying the knot.
  • Your grandparents might kick your ass when they couldn’t find the complete coverage of the guests arrived on your special day. This adds an advantage to traditional photographers.

As much as candid photography excites the teenagers, traditional photography would excite our grandparents. It’s advisable to hire a traditional photographer for he/she could capture the A to Z moments and so nothing goes unnoticed. At Focuz Studios we pay attention on satisfying grand parents too, After all, the ultimate aim of making memories is to satisfy oneself and the ones (grandparents) who would actually enjoy it more than us.

Why Candid Photography is inconvincible among our Grand Parents

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