Best Chettinad Wedding Photography

Best Chettinad Wedding Photography

It’s a dream come true for any Indian photographer to land in the lands of Nagarathar to capture the Chettinad wedding rituals where the cultural fanatics are treasured thus far. The Chettinad wedding celebrations are hardly ever we get to witness. We’re always thrilled whenever we flip a magazine through that holds a bunch of alluring pictures of a Karaikudi Chettinad wedding where the Nagarathar follow the Chettinad heritage precisely. The Grandeur mansions, pristine heritage, and the convenient aesthetics attract both the travel lovers and photographers.

Initial hours of pre wedding rituals

There’s an article previously posted titled “Authentic Chettinad wedding” where we shared our experience on the photographer’s view on Chettinad rituals. This article adds a few additional information apart from that. We’re proud to say that we’re one among the best Chettinad photography team amongst others existing in and around karaikudi for we’re often reserved among Nagarathar weddings. The memories we collected are evergreen for Nagarathargal are friendly people to hang around. This wedding ceremony took place in the outskirts of karaikudi, Shanmuganatha Puram. Abi and Venga were extremely good-looking on their special day. Their family greeted us gracefully and we were super excited to document the aesthetic wedding right from the “muhurtha Kaal nadrathu” ritual. The last exposure on the land of Chettiars groomed us even better this time. The artistic appearance of the village triggered us to snap a lot of lovely pictures of the wedding couple.

Groom’s procession moments

Abi looked extremely enchanting as if she was under a fairy’s spell. Venga is no less attractive, the sherwani he wore added an extra beauty to his looks. The silk saree she wore symbolized their treasuring tradition as how their ancestors raised them. The initial hours of snapping revolved around Venga’s parents where they arrived at a temple in Abi’s village for a prayer to be carried out. Later, the bride’s family and relatives came all the way to greet Venga and their family and took them back to the mansion where the wedding ceremony was going to be held. Venga rode the horse gracefully to the mansion only to take a peek at his fiancée who was busy in her room wearing the make-up and jewelry sets. This procession moments where both the families busy rejoicing was precisely shot by our team. The moment when Abi stepped out from her room and headed towards the front entrance to see her hero was one beautiful shot to be remembered.

Tying the knot

Their two storied mansions and the courtyard reminded us why Karaikudi holds the crown for heritage tourism. Few of them shared their knowledge on why their mansions are special and are attracting tourists. The Athangudi tiles are notable among the Nagarathar’s architecture. The Chettiar thali had 34 items of handcrafted gold ornaments with two pendants and are considered to be a sacred one. Finally arrived the awaited moment. Venga tied the knot of kaluthiru (Chettiar thali) with Abi and made her, “his”. This was vividly documented for them to cherish forever.

Post wedding rituals

Naatukotai Chettiars represent the business community for decades. As symbolizing their wealth, the ritual “Vaevu irakkuthal” was carried out as the bride’s maternal uncle sent the food, grains, and vegetables in a silver basket which are carried over the head of bride’s relatives. Later, the couple shot was carried out in the consequent days. This is the latest Chettinad wedding we witnessed. The shots where layered roofing of terracotta tiles added an elegant heritage shade to their album. The shots we clicked in and around karaikudi turned out to be a phenomenal and best wedding pictures shot in kariakudi as they blended their love in every shot we demanded. The departing moment of Abi from her family was tearing us apart which we couldn’t resist capturing. All in all, Sivaganga people or to be precise Nagarathargal celebrate a wedding as a festival and we’re elated to be a part of them for a brief period. We’re glad when they addressed as the best photographers to snap a Nagarathar rituals. Dive into the karaikudi wedding pictures and fall in love with us. Drop your comment and love us more.

Best Chettinad Wedding Photography | ABI – VENGA 

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