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What is Traditional Wedding Photography?

By June 27, 2014Others

Traditional wedding photography can be recognized as formal color photos where people are posed and looking toward the camera say Cheese! A typical wedding photography with pre-planned ideas and lots of direction or magazine style posed photographs. Traditional wedding photography is the complete opposite of Candid Photography. We try to create an album out of your wedding then and there. We will ask you to pose and smile and weave expressions. A lot of things about your wedding photography are staged. Which is also a good thing because you decide what should be clicked, and shouldn’t be clicked? The order of the wedding is categorically captured, the ‘sequence’ of people gifting you is thoroughly shot, and the photography throughout the event is ‘consistent’. It’s not flashy, it’s very straight forward, and very studio-ish, so you will know what to expect in your wedding album. Absolutely there is no depth of field in photography. Photographer might use Camera flashes, Photographer wants to look up his camera everybody at every time he clicks. Family guest arranged in stage group photography also called as Studio type photography.

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