Doctors hindu wedding photographers in Theni, Tamil Nadu

Doctors hindu wedding photographers in Theni, Tamil Nadu

The doctors wedding in theni tamilnadu recently decided to take Focuz Studios to some amazing photos on their wedding day, as if all the other festivities weren’t enough! The groom and his best man are both doctors, and it only seemed fitting that the pair would get married in style. Sarees, traditional outfits, and a beautifully decorated venue aside, the photos were truly memorable! Let’s take a look at the doctor’s wedding in Theni.

Doctors Wedding

The wedding, and reception ceremony of Dr. R Kirthanjali, MBBS., and Dr. Jeeva MBBS., M.S.(ENT), an ENT specialist was held on 25th Nov 2020 in VL Krishnaswamy Rukmani Mahal Lakshmipuram as per Hindu wedding customs, and traditions. A small number of relatives, friends, colleagues and well-wishers gathered to attend the wedding with Focuz Studios Wedding Photography which was one of the Covid-19 situations in Theni.

Traditional Hindu Wedding (Doctors wedding in theni tamilnadu)

When participating in a Hindu wedding ceremony, after receiving gifts from his family members and friends and putting on a lucky dress, the groom ties a yellow tali string around his bride’s neck. This symbolizes that he is taking her on as his wife and she will forever be a part of his family. The tali-tying ritual takes place before entering the main mandapam where the priest waits for the groom to arrive with the groom’s sisters, who are carrying basil leaves in their hands to throw them at the groom as soon as he reaches the priest.

The bride and the groom exchange the garland and they are also with their friends. The doctor who wedded each other was smiling while exchanging the garland. Perhaps no Hindu wedding celebration would be complete without Arundhati Seeing. At their Wedding At VL Krishnaswamy Rukmani Mahal and enjoyed every moment with their family and friends.

Hindu Wedding Photography in Theni was an awesome experience. The Hindu wedding photographer will be able to cover your wedding from the time you begin getting ready up until the reception ends. They’ll take a number of different pictures so that you can look back at different points in the day and always remember the special moments.

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