Brahmin Wedding In Bangalore Vruksha Gayatri Vihar – Palace Grounds

Brahmin Wedding In Bangalore Vruksha Gayatri Vihar – Palace Grounds

Traditional Brahmin wedding rituals and ceremonies are beautiful and a sight to behold. But they are also very long in duration. While many Indian people of today may not have the time or wherewithal to have an elaborate traditional wedding, many others still would like to have some traditional elements in their wedding ceremony. The following blog will take a look at the traditional Brahmin wedding in Bangalore, and the brahmin wedding rituals involved. We will also take a look at having Focuz Studios Brahmin wedding photography in Bangalore in a way that is convenient for the couple.

Traditions of the Brahmin Wedding

These followed brahmin rituals happened in this event Vratham, Engagement, Wedding, Nalangu. 

Vratham rituals are pre-wedding customs followed by Hindu Brahmins and traditional families. Vratham is a series of ancient purification and prayer rituals performed prior to a wedding in order to make both brides and groom auspicious for marriage.

Engagement though it varies from community to community, in general, there are three main parts to a traditional engagement: ring exchange, couple party dance, and family dinners. This engagement ring exchange is an intimate ceremony that takes place in front of their closest friends and family. At that point during the ceremony (usually with multiple family members present), these couples change rings given to them by either or both of their parents.

Among these rites is oonjal, when the bride and groom exchange garland while chanting mantras. Another important tradition is tali tying in a wedding, which signifies a married woman’s eternal bond with her husband. The ceremony entails both partners tying each other’s thread (tali) around their wrists—which is worn to symbolize eternal love and connection.

Nalangu for vilayadal (playing games) happened in the evening after marriage and is strictly loaded with fun rituals. The newly-wed wife invites her husband to play with a traditional song.This couple’s dream Wedding At Vruksha Gayatri Vihar – Palace Grounds Bangalore‘s amazing pictures are listed below.

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