A Traditional Tambrahm Wedding – Photography in Trichy, Tamilnadu

A Traditional Tambrahm Wedding – Photography in Trichy, Tamilnadu

Harish and Aarathi’s wedding was held at Trichy. It was a Tambrahm style wedding with lots of fanfare. The bride and the groom are such a lovely young couple and we were so amused by their young energy!

The Janavaasam was held the day before the wedding. This was a procession near the Thiruvanaikaval temple and it was a great sight to behold. The groom came on his chariot, surrounded by friends and family, and was welcomed into the fold of the bride’s family with crackers and sparklers. The procession went around the small archaic streets around the temple for 1.5 hours and it gave us enough time to click nuanced pictures of every variety and kind!

The wedding was held the next morning. It was a traditional Tambrahm wedding and along with the ancientness of Trichy, it made for for a great time for us shooting and revelling in the auspiciousness. We also got some great shots of the temple Gopuram. The bride Aarathi had a photogenic face and we made sure we got some great shots of her with the traditional backdrop.

We have posted some pictures from the wedding here. Do you have a wedding at home and are you looking for a company to shoot your wedding? Let us know, and we would love to be a part of your celebrations!

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