A Typical Brahmin Wedding Film: Adithi and Hall’s Madipakkam

Indians are known to be among the most religious people in the world, and their culture shows it. Indian weddings are no exception, especially when they include members of the Brahmin caste, who are often especially devoted to their religion. In this short film of an Adithi and Hall’s madipakkam wedding, we get to see how religion plays an important role in every aspect of these two peoples’ big day. From their pre-wedding rituals to their dance performances during the ceremony and reception, there’s no doubt that this couple knew what it meant to hold on to tradition.

Pre-Wedding Traditions

The pre-wedding traditions of a brahmin wedding film photographer begin with the groom family procession. The groom family processions starts off with the groom dressed in traditional attire, with his parents walking ahead of him. Guests at the groom home are traditionally seated on verandahs or inside halls, decorated with flowers. The best man is seen carrying a pot full of rice – this is meant to bring good luck to both families.

The Wedding Ceremony

The typical brahmin Wedding Ceremony in chennai is a grand event, with several components. The groom, typically wearing a formal dhoti or mundu, enters the home of the bride from the groom’s side. The bride then comes out to meet her future husband, typically in some elaborate or traditional dress. They greet each other with a namaskaram and are often accompanied by their parents as well as other elders from both families.

I’m a brahmin wedding photographer, so I make sure to keep my coverage as intimate as possible. The bride typically wears gold, which is important to show in the images. It also helps if you have an understanding of what your client expects from the images. In the Indian culture, photography is considered to be one of the most important elements in wedding celebrations.

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