A Fairytale Christian Wedding at Chennai Tamilnadu | AKSHAYA & ANTON



When Anton says that “You are falling in love with me despite me thinking that it is impossible”, one is reminded of the word magic. How magic happens, and makes you so sure that it is possible to find love, and be loved. To love, and to be loved is the greatest gift of life, isn’t it? Anton is so thorough. There is a lot of realism and romance in the his speech for Akshaya. “You are falling in love with my internet addiction” should be made a modern mantra for today’s generation.

Akshaya also beautifully counters Anton’s lines.
“I take you as you are, who you are now, and who you will be”. If Mani Rathnam were to be around, we are certain he would have made a movie out of this line. Her verses are so poetic, and so in tandem with Anton’s words. They fill each other so perfectly, and what they tell each other is a perfect example to show how perfect they are for each other.

We had a superb time shooting Akshaya and Anton’s engagement. We really wished that we could shoot their wedding too, and we were overjoyed when they requested us to shoot for their wedding aswell. The wedding was held at one of India’s oldest churches, the St. Santhome Church in Madras / Chennai. Akshaya has a lovely smile, and Anton is a true dapper! The Church was packed with friends, relatives and well wishers. Anton and Akshaya, smiles on their faces and excitement abound, joined hands before God and His Church to solemnise their Wedding. They exchanged their vows, and then their rings. As friends and family congratulated them, they walked toward the door, smiling, happily rejoicing and looking forward to all the good times to come. Akshaya and Anton are just two really good looking people, and we hope they rock the world with their togetherness. The world will have to live up to handling the two of them as one. 🙂

A Fairytale Christian Wedding at Chennai Tamilnadu | AKSHAYA & ANTON

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