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Spiritual Muslim Nikkah | Nazir & Jasima

A Beautiful Muslim Nikkah photography Trichy Tamilnadu

Muslim Nikkah’s are very spiritual. They are very different from other religious wedding ceremonies but they are elegant and ecstatic nevertheless. We had the opportunity to shoot Jasima and Nazir’s wedding at Trichy, Tamil Nadu and we learnt a lot about Muslim wedding celebrations! Firstly, Nikkahs are very silent. There is not much sound in the wedding hall as people are focussed with prayerful attention towards the couple. There are a lot of prayers that happen, and the audience is expected to be in pin drop silence as the ceremony progresses. The bride and the groom are in very simple costumes – but they are eye captivating and elite! Nazir and Jasima are in separate places until they got married and are allowed to see each other only after their official marriage. We organised for two photographers to shoot the two ceremonies and we are glad that we planned it earlier and had everything ready as we went to shoot their Nikkah. Nazir and Jasima look beautiful together and we have made sure to post some of our favorite shots from their Nikkah. Please take a look and let us know what you thought about the pictures:

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