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A Childhood Love Story | Ganesh & Ammu

Beautiful Thanjavur Tamil Traditional Hindu Wedding GANESH AMMU

If a couple stands testimony to this fact, it must be Ganesh and Ammu. How wonderful it is to marry someone you have known all your life? Ganesh and Ammu’s love story goes back to their childhood. They were kids when they discovered soul mates in each other. They were kids when their families saw soul-mates in Ganesh and Ammu. This is the thing that great love stories are made of. This is the thread that stands testimony to the fact that love is eternal. We were reminded of a Bharathiraja movie when we heard of their love story. Boy meets girl when they were kids. They play, and they have fun together. Their families are related. Boy and girl, grow up, and get bickering about each other. They also start noticing each other a lot. Their families talk about how amazing they look together. They don’t understand how. They meet more often. In weddings and family get together and vacations. Before they know it, they are in love. With each other, their childhood sweet hearts. They get married, as is customary in the grand old Thanjavur tradition. The town that has the big temple has people with big hearts too. Thourughly had a blast shooting for this wedding. Even more so, after we got to know their love story. We experimented a little bit with shots and colors here. We traced some memories, made some elders speak, and captured some amazing ‘man vaasanai’ moments. Nothing nothing nothing at all like a village love story. Nothing like the smell of love in the midst of lush green rice fields, and silver anklets. The wedding bells rang for Ganesh and Ammu, and we wish them the most happiest of their ever afters.

Beautiful Thanjavur Tamil Traditional Hindu Wedding GANESH AMMU 

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