Pre Wedding Shoot in West Bengal Jalpaiguri    

Pre Wedding Shoot in West Bengal Jalpaiguri                                                          
This place was definitely out of India, but this was still India. Wait. Are we underestimating India’s natural resources? Maybe. Living in a city, one rarely gets an opportunity to head off to the interiors, and see the countryside. Photography is a very fortunate profession in the sense that it allows you to see so much of the country, and meet so many amazing people. Anbubab took us to a place that looked like the paddy fields at Australia (Thank you, Kollywood), and we were taken by astonishment looking at the amazing flora of our country. This was a lovely place to shoot.
The aesthetic taste and the eye for detail from the client’s side is very important to bolster our creativity. Anbubab just knew our pulse right. He was very particular about the shots that we were going to shoot, and took a lot of interest in trying to understand the way we work in-order for the out-out of his pre-wedding shoot to be the best. We love working with these kind of people. It’s a very comfortable zone to be at, to be in sync with the client’s needs, and still, trying to do justice to one’s own artistic photographic eye.
We clicked all our pictures before the sunset, they have come out like pre-release movie posters. This is one of the most rewarding pre wedding shots that we have clicked, and we hope you like these pictures. Share them if you like, and please, don’t forget to let us know what you think.

Pre Wedding Shoot in West Bengal Jalpaiguri

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