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Flash Mob Proposal | Ganesh & Nisha

Actor Ganesh Venkatram FLASH MOB Wedding Proposal to Nisha Krishnan

He just burst into a song. It was a beautiful night, and he just burst into a song. Not just that, he also burst into a dance. All of Ganesh’s love for Nisha just outdid itself that reception night when Ganesh took the mantle up, ganged up with his team, and broke into an impromptu dance for Nisha. “It’s a beautiful night” screamed Bruno Mars from the speakers. Nisha was totally stunned by the surprise – flash mob, and couldn’t contain her excitement when Ganesh kneeled in front of everyone lip syncing for “i want to marry you”, and meaning every word of it. THIS IS HOW ROMANCE WORKS, DEAR WORLD. THIS IS JUST HOW YOU DO IT. And when we just couldn’t stop gaping at this awesomeness, another awesomeness followed when the crowd stepped up the music and grooved for Tu tu tu, tu meri ri ri.. Ganesh was absolutely fantastic. Can we see more of him onscreen please? He is such a treat to watch. The swag dance came to an end, Ganesh took the mike up, Nisha broke into tears, and proposed to her all over again in the most amazing way possible. If this isn’t love, what is? All you future grooms, please look at this video. Ganesh has set the bar REALLY high up, and it is going to be lots of hard work!
The reception was graced by who’s who of Kollywood. Thank you Ganesh Venkatram & Nisha Krishnan for the opportunity, and for this dance. You both make the most gorgeous couple ever. (But no thanks breaking all those poor girls’ heart. whiff whiff)
Actor Ganesh Venkatram FLASH MOB Wedding Proposal to Nisha Krishnan

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