Tambrahm Wedding Photography Chennai Tamilnadu

Tambrahm Wedding Photography Chennai Tamilnadu

We have shot for many kinds and types of weddings, also in many cultures. We have learnt almost all the prestigious wedding rituals. The most noteworthy is tambrahm wedding.  That’s why our’s is always the best tambrahm wedding photography chennai tamilnadu. But we have never shot for a wedding where the bride or the groom is a photographer.  Hence Siva and Priya’s wedding was a game changer for us. Siva is a photographer by passion, he dabbles a lot in photography when he is not working and his entire family also hosts amateur photographers. Fascinating isn’t it? Our zeal to produce top-notch pictures was elevated even further and thanks to the fact that we wanted to outdo Siva’s expectations. We hope we did justice!

Siva and Priya got married in the TamBrahm style held at Sri Devi Palace Chennai. Priya’s sarees were beautiful – she had chosen some really deep colors for her festivities and brahmin rituals, and that paired with her glowing face made up for a picture perfect bride! The color of her madisar was also unique and stunning! The tradition was followed to the tee, and the wedding overall was a joyous coming together of two hearts and two lovely families. The wedding photographs shown below is filled with love, care, joy and festive.

We would love for you to let us know your comments on the pictures. What are your thoughts? Which among these pictures do you like the best? and don’t forget to share this.

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