Love-in-PARIS | Pre Wedding Shoot in Paris | Samantha+Barath

Love-in-PARIS | Pre Wedding Shoot in Paris | Samantha+Barath

Pre Wedding Shoot in Paris. The marvel of the Humankind. The most sophisticated and the most beautiful of all the Capital Cities in the World and that too, with the most lovely couple in all the planets, Samantha & Barath. People of the World, “Je Suis Sous Le Charme” (I was totally charmed). Oh what a time it was!

For us at FocuzStudios.com, this was a thrilling venture. This is our second encounter outside India and that meant that we had a very good grip on the Culture and Language. We knew the land, we were part of it’s people, and we knew the emotions associated with the culture and tradition indigenous to the Country. Flying overseas meant a new adventure, a great new challenge, and a good new experience. And we have done that for the second time, and we have been super lucky to have flown into a city like Paris to make this happen for us, and we would like to thank Samantha & Barath Pre Wedding Shoot in Paris for giving us the opportunity to experience all the ‘Parisian’ bliss.

Onward to the Experience… Paris is a photographer’s paradise. The public spaces are more beautiful than even the most extravagant private places, and you can take a stroll through what was once the private demesne of the Royals, and see how how such a staggering beauty can take the breath out of you. The city looks straight from Cindrella’s paradise, with all its glorious foliage and sunlight. And wait, we had our Cinderella too… with her Prince Charming, walking hand in hand in the streets of this blissfull city. Boy, weren’t we glad to capture all of this?

Samantha & Barath live in Paris, they fell in love, and then decided to get married. Sounds like a Fairy-tale story eh? For a couple who are as cute as a button together, Fairy-tales are well deserving ofcourse. When we shot at Paris, they shared our love for beautiful places. They never said no to another shot, their energy levels and enthusiasm never dripped. Never ever. and since they were familiar with the city, they took us to the most splendourful of the splendid places in Paris. We shot at the very famous Eiffel Tower (One wonder down, yayyy!), Louver Museum (yes, we remembered that from the Dan Brown novel), Alexandre Bridge, Love lock Bridge, and oh ofcourse, the overwhelming Paris beautiful street. We hopped and jumped across Paris in trains, cars, bikes, boats, and cycles… Savouring the magnanimous beauty around us, drinking the sights of Pre Wedding Shoot in Paris in like a thirsty road-traveler, and filling ourselves with love and admiration for a city that has it all.

“The best thing about shooting in Paris should be the light. We just had to Focus, and click”, says Chandru Bharathy and Saran. We were curious to know why, and he went on.

“In India, we had to wait for the correct contour, and proper light to set in. We wouldn’t shoot in the afternoons, and we preferred early morning and early evening shoots because the light intensity is haphazard, given our humid climate and dry weather throughout the year. But Paris was something else. I wasn’t joking when I said that it is a photographer’s paradise. Let me repeat that again, we just had to Focus and Click” he winks and goes on to heap praises on Samantha & Barath’s commitment towards each other, towards their beautiful city and towards good photographs.

“They are very artsy. They love all the good things. And they wanted their Wedding pictures to be most special, and they flew our team from India to help them realize their dream. Also, they are very very beautiful together, and we were wondering what to do with so much beauty around us. Ha. The City… The Couple… We can’t express the feeling of this experience in words”, The team summarizes. Chandru Bharathy and Saran are ecstatic about this experience. Now that Eiffel Tower is down our list, we absolutely can’t wait to shoot at the other 6 Wonders of the World. In time, all the good things will fall into place. We strongly believe in that. Thank you for showing us all this love, and firmly believing in our photography.

Share our post with your friends and family. And hey, give us a ring if you want us to shoot for you. We promise that we will make it memorable! Bon jour!

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merveilleux 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words , adorable post shoot photographs in such a blissful environment !!!!!!! ofcourse PARIS meant to be a romantic place and pics have been taken perfectly !!!!!!!!!! way to go chandru !!!!!!! keep rocking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


photos are juz awestruck !!!!!!!! it is making paris to be in live !!!!!! treat for the eyes !!!!!!! gr8 one !!!!!!!

photoes are very nice and lovely.

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