Pre Wedding Photo shoot at Hyderabad

Pre Wedding Photo shoot at Hyderabad

Couple shoot is the first thought that pokes into the minds of any new- wed couple. And there are only a few dedicated studios that offer a picture-perfect ambiance. Focuz Studios team have never been to such places earlier for picturing the pre-wedding shots are often recommended for the notable places of a city. But Neeraja & Jayakiran are different from this crowd. They chose the PICTURESQ studios, Hyderabad for there exists a bunch of frameworks which resemble a typical romantic destination. But many places are clustered together at one point.

1st of December 2018 was a memorable day in our calendar. The exposure to such a bundle of backdrops in an ambiance where the place is loaded with serenity attracts any photographer who would love to put his skills in a quiet place rather documenting pictures in the streets of a bustling city. This experience is special to us for the various obvious reason. The noise-free ambiance and the interaction-free atmosphere would help the photographer and a poser to experience a stress-free shoot. We’re happy to stumble upon this couple for they’re the reasons for our enthralling experience. On inquiring, the studio founders readily shared their story. The founder was disappointed when he browsed for a right spot for his pre-wedding shoot. There was no such one destination that offers miscellaneous backdrops. So they decided to design and build one such studio that could offer various atmosphere within a single boundary.

That’s how PICTURESQ studios came into existence. On hearing this story of them, we were extremely impressed and were inspired. We could say that these kind of studios are the dedicated temples for a photographer as one could work with much liberty whilst the public destinations shower lots of chaos and distractions. The challenging factor for us was to stand unique from the other photographers who bumped into the same studio previously. A skillful photographer knows how to blend his skills and suggest the poser consistently.

We spent one complete day capturing the pictures of the couple with various backdrops. Backdrops include a swing being decorated by chrysanthemum flowers that are tethered and the dual colored money plant runs over the swing added a special beauty. Trees with the bird’s cages were let to hang to give an artistic appearance.

The iconic red telephone box and the floating umbrellas resembling the Portugal streets added beauty to this destination. There is a slot that attracted us personally, where the floor is stuffed with the stalks of cereal plants, the walls are filled with wooden frameworks and the guitar in the mid-space added a romantic note to the album. The doodle room, a giant piano, lover’s cafe, mini-library setup, and a hall with phonograph added beauty to the pictures. All in all, we and our client had a great experience and this photo shoot earned a fruitful album. Browse the pictures down and dive into our memories. Do drop your comment reviewing the article and pictures.

Pre Wedding Photo shoot in PicturesQ, Hyderabad

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