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Sounds Like A Bollywood Fairytale | Sugeevan & Mayuri

Sri Lankan Wedding Photography London

A Sri Lankan Wedding set in London. Sounds like a Bollywood fairy-tale eh? Well, in retrospect, it was so much of a Cinderella Fairy-tale. If Sugeevan and Mayuri’s Pre-wedding shoot was one of the best set of pictures we had clicked, their Srilankan style Wedding redefined awesomeness for us. The bride and the groom were people with a spectacular taste for art, and were extremely involved in helping us with envision their wedding photographs. The mandap, the wedding attire, and everything else about the wedding was top notch, and overtly colorful. The Racecourse Ling field Park was where the Wedding was held, and we figured that we had thoroughly underestimated the magnificence of this resort only when we arrived there. You have to see it to believe it! Our mind was buzzing with ideas, and we were too enthusiastic that we really couldn’t handle all the volume of ideas that crowd-sourced in our heads because the location, and the couple were so much in sync.. everything was gorgeous in Sri Lankan Wedding Photography London. The bride and the groom traveled about 25 miles to reach the venue, and they arrived separately in their respective, hold your breath, LIMOS! We made sure that we din’t miss capturing their transit as-well. The video shot has come out superbly, and we are very happy about that! Mayuri’s makeup was done by a Sri lankan Make Up Artist Renuka and she done her the best job, she definitely had a flair for brushes. Mayuri looked stunning! This Wedding was one brilliant event, and our sojourn at London made sure that this was a lifelong affair to remember. Look at the pictures below, and see our happiness reflect in each of them


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