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Tied The Knot In God's Own Land | Shreedavy & Siddharth

Kerala Brahmin Wedding Candid Photography

Kerala weddings are always cool. They are simple, elegant, and sophisticated. Oh, and everyone in Kerala- men, women, children, uncles, and aunts and nephews. Everyone of them is beautiful, just like their land. The land and it’s people have a certain color and warmth to them. And their food..the Sadya tastes as gorgeous as it looks.We were planning a vacation to Kerala, and bingo! We received a phone call to shoot for a Malayalee wedding in Kerala (and oh yes, we would have even considered doing it for free!) later only to happily pack our bags and head to the Mallu land to cover Shreedavy and Siddhart tie the knot.

Early morning flights are very calming. It’s the only time you get to see the sun a little closer, that fiery big balloon of Helium radiating it’s wings and engulfing the aircraft like a golden blob. We landed at Kochi at 7.30 AM. We thought the name ‘Beast of the Arabian Sea’ was quite fitting than “Queen of the Arabian sea” for Kochi was so sprawling and poetic with a velvety touch of pride. We plonked ourselves in a car, and headed to the Mandap. The route was strewn with tall healthy coconut and plam trees. This was just a little taste of the big heaven. The bigger heaven awaited at the Mandap.

A Kerala wedding is a blend of rich tradition and heritage is what we figured. The Mandap was decked up with the Kerala-style lamps. Big beaks, and bigger circumference, embellished in gold, centered between a symmetric arrangement of squares and glowing gloriously. Now this is a backdrop any photographer would kill for! Oh boy, and we did make the best use of it. Shreedavy’s brother Dinesh made sure we felt at home in the wedding. He ventured us out to meet the golden Kerala Couple Shreedavy and Siddarth, who were so enthued by our photography that they chose to allocate a day just for the photoshoots! Sometimes one is confused about making choices. Eat and shoot, or shoot and eat was our rigmarole. But hunger played spoilsport, and we sat in for the grand Maha Kerala Sadya – Parippukari with ghee, pachadi, kichadi, aviyal, pulinji, kuttukari, Injikkari, rasam, pappadam, pickle, and payasam all of these accompanying a big basket of Kerala Matta Rice. Slurp! We then headed to a temple, and took some shots of the couple. There was a nice vintage car in whose backdrop that we absolutely loved shooting. The betrothal followed with much fanfare and fun. Relatives, friends and well-wishers, all decked up and set for the photographs.We were definitely impressed, and overwhelmed by their zest for the good things in life.

The wedding the next morning was very brief but splendorous. Kerala Brahmin Wedding Candid Photography We were surprised to see Maalai Maatruthal and Oonjal in a traditional Kerala wedding but how did it matter when we stuffed our eyes with honey? It was such a gorgeous sight to look at. We have tried capturing this one amazing wedding through the eyes of our lens. Photography helps us stand by, and relish some really wonderful moments of daily life, and we hope that the pictures strike a chord with you too. Afterall, photos are how we connect.


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