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Indo Brazilian Love | Aravind & Paola

Indo Brazilian – TamBrahm Wedding in Chennai

One cinematic I can’t believe this moment after the other. We saw South Americans in Chennai decked in Panchakachms and Mallipoos and Silk Sarees. Were we dreaming or was this real? Here was a wedding where the Brazilian family had no qualms embracing all things and everything Indian. A continent that is a continent away seems to be doing better at heralding peace. Such things give us, mankind, some hope.

We were puzzled about how this happened, a Brazilian and a TamBrahm getting married TamBrahm style was all the scoop we needed to say yes to cover their event. Aravind had the most Cinederella-ish story to tell us.

Aravind was studying at a University in Brazil when he saw his “sweet and gentle” girl “jumping and walking”, almost everyday across his window. Whoa, what a sight to behold. Aravind walked up to her one day and asked her out for lunch. Viola, they got talking and eight years down, they got married.

We are certain that the wedding had it’s own challenges given that Paola and Aravind belong to two different cultures, two different continents, two different languages. What was fascinating was how they managed to pull this wedding off, where the entirety of the bride’s family seem to be adept with TamBrahm wedding customs. Now, that’s a tough nut to crack. But crack they did. Not only were they a super good looking couple, but they also operated smart. They created Whatsapp and Facebook groups before the wedding and started posting relevant content that covered the wedding rituals and their importance. The families thoroughly had the opportunity to exchange, inquire and understand information, and when Paola’s family flew down to India, they were certain that there is nowhere else they would feel home at. Total respect for the family for all their effort! The South Americans rocked the Indian attire. Specifically Paola, in her Nine yards saree, who would have thought that our culture would be honored with such a lovely daughter in law? Thanks to Aravind, we have brotherhoods in Brazil too!

We of-course loved shooting for their wedding. There was a special sequence that we captured at the Velachery railway station. We loved shooting that one, Look at the pictures, and let us know what you think. We also wish Paola and Aravind the most lovely times in all this togetherness.

Indo Brazilian TamBrahm Wedding in Chennai Aravind and Paola


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