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Love From London To Cape Town | Janani & Sivaram

Cape Town Bride married a Srilankan Groom

Sivaram alias Ram is the eldest among five children and was born and brought up in Srilanka. He did his Under graduation in Computer Sciences London, and promptly returned to Srilanka for work.  According to his bride Janani, “Sivaram is super soft spoken. Infact, he is the true Ram of this century – eldest in the family, extremely responsible and equally kind”.

The bride Janani has an interesting parentage. “My Appa Guru Krishna is Indian, Amma Gowri is Srilankan, and I had a Brahmin upbringing in Capetown, South Africa”, she chuckles. Her parents have been living in South Africa for thirty years now, and she is also the eldest among the three children in the family.  Although she had a Brahmin upbringing, Janani seems to have enjoyed the multi culturalness in her upbringing.

In 2008, a mutual family friend introduced Janani to Sivaram. Like all cool new age love stories, they did not imagine that they would end up together. They became very very good friends, and in 2010, when Janani made a trip to India, Sivaram insisted that she met his mother and sister Vaishnevy. Janani wasn’t too keen to meet her friend’s mother though. “I din’t know them at all! And imagine, Sivaram being the Ram that he is, is very reserved and does not chat with members of the opposite sex, so his mother was pretty stumped and equally confused about our friendship. I had no plans of getting married to Sivaram but I visited them because he requested me to”, she says.

This was also around the time when they started seeing each other on Skype quite often. Janani was back in South Africa to focus on her degree (she was in the second year of her Public management), but Sivaram was always looming around in her head somewhere. They grew comfortable with each other as days went by, and they also fell in love. Sivaram formally proposed to her in 2011, and this amazing duo made sure that education and career were as important as their relationship was.

Janani and Sivaram met each other in 2013 in London, and Sivaram’s family were stumped again by this girl who had come all the way from Capetown to London for love. They finally tied the knot in November 2015 with blessing from both the families. They are now based out of Capetown and co-own a Photography Business together.

Talk about love that changes you. Talk about destiny that awaits! We wish Sivaram and Janani the best of their togetherness, and lots of children, happinesses and laughter!

Cape Town Bride married a Srilankan Groom Janani and Sivaram

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