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Wedding In The Hills | Anubhab & Swati

A Beautiful Marwari Wedding at West Bengal New Jalpaiguri

Jaipalguri is the place one needs to detrain to hike up to Darjeeling. The weather is amazing, the air is clean, and the people are super warm. We had an opportunity to shoot for Anubhab and Swati’s wedding, and we din’t think twice before saying yes. Why? We had never shot a North Indian Wedding before. We had never shot a wedding in the hills before. We definitely did not have to contemplate and ponder about saying yes. Anubhab and Swati was West Bengal Style ‘Bong’ Wedding. They hosted this wedding in a Sinclairs resort Chalsa perched high up on the hills. You could touch the cloud, you could fly your dreams, you could catch the cold, and you can host a wedding too! The serenity of the place complimented the quiet charm of the couple very well, and we were completely blown over by the decor. The space was big and inviting, and we unleashed all our passion for aerial photography in one go. See the pictures, and you will definitely know why. Such was our spirit during this Wedding.
Bengalis are very smart, and extremely traditional. Their weddings run for three days, especially for Marwari Wedding photography, relatives and friends dance and sing and be merry. The ceremony starts with a Haldi, and Sangeet follows the Haldi (Turmeric) ceremony. Sangeet seems like an amazing opportunity for the families to bond, and looking at the Sangeet performances, one realises that every family is a mini Bollywood dance party in its own way! and the Shaadi happens as the touchstone event. The couple looked like high sprited King and Queen. Their families wore such gorgeous costumes made of satin and silk. Pearls, and diamonds and golds complemented their attire. The decor needless to say was outstanding, and the food was extremely different compared to a South Indian wedding. They had rice, well, and our South Indian appetites rejoiced in the pool of Rasgullas. The food was lined up like a palace food fest, and those pictures warrant a separate album by itself!
Very cute wedding, and lots of fun at Jaipalguri. No wonder, they call Kolkata the city of Dreams. This wedding was a dream come true for us to take that leapfrog into North India, and we are glad we shot this one. Lots of smiles, hugs, tears, and joy overload. We hope you like our pictures. 🙂

A Beautiful Marwari Wedding at West Bengal New Jalpaiguri

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  • Janani says:

    Wowwww !!!!!!! Such an extravagance party !!! Splendid and very much beautiful photos !!!!! The best environment for Sangeet and other rituals !!!!! Eyes are filled with greens and other awesome arrangements which was perfectly taken and given as the perfect pictures for all. Awesome Chandru Bharathy and team

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