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A Cheery Mommy Shoot | Subbu & Niraimathi

Best Maternity Photoshoot Chennai

Maternity photo shoots are puerile in the eyes of the souls who believes their life is existing in the web of a mundane bubble. But this couple were isolated from such thoughts and hence they decided to welcome their new and upcoming bud in their garden of menage. We’re on cloud nine when they called us for a maternity photo shoot. Maternity photography has now become a significant shoot amongst the couples and their parents. The come-back clients often remind us that we’re leading in the race of photography. Subbu and Nirai were super excited to snap their mommy shots. Usually, the maternity photos include both the indoor and outdoor venues. This couple chose the Manna Villa as their venue to snap their maternity shots. Being a Chennai photographer, we knew how to snap the pictures in Manna Villa which is situated in the outskirts of Chennai Mahabalipuram. The peach gown, free hairstyle, and the embroidered mesh- full hand sleeves added beauty to her. The smile she carried throughout the session wondered us. Nevertheless, we witnessed the marriage of this couple a year back and not to mention the enthusiasm they detained for days. The shots include the splashing waves of the beach, the seashore shots where Subbu showers love on the mommy and the kicking baby in her womb. Few shots were clicked with a pair of tiny shoes symbolizing they’re on deck to greet the upcoming baby. The other shots revolved around the Manna Villa where many backdrops are utilized. There’s a unique shot which attracted the eyes of us – the “stethoscope” was used as a prop for Subbu is a doctor. We witnessed the overloaded cuteness when Subbu heard the “lub-dub” sounds of the baby in her womb with a stethoscope. Have a look at the pictures and drop your comments on the article and pictures snapped in a maternity shoot.

Best Maternity Photoshoot Chennai

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