Candid Wedding Photography Tamilnadu | Koushik + Suganya

Candid Wedding Photography Tamilnadu | Koushik + Suganya

Candid Wedding Photography in Tamilnadu is a delightful experience, and we had the privilege of capturing the beautiful union of Koushik and Suganya, which proved to be an absolute delight for any photographer! As we recall, the journey began a month before the wedding when the groom’s father, Mr. Asokan, graciously invited us for a discussion. This pre-wedding meeting was a significant step towards understanding the potential challenges we might face as photographers.

During our heart-to-heart conversation, we delved into the common issues we often encounter when working on Candid Wedding Photography in Tamilnadu. Challenges like inadequate lighting arrangements or unexpected intrusions by the crowd on the stage can sometimes hinder our ability to capture those precious candid moments. However, what truly stood out was the unwavering support and understanding shown by both families.

It was heartening to see the families come together, recognizing the importance of wedding photographs and making every effort to create the ideal environment for us to work our magic. This collaboration and commitment to ensuring the best shots were taken made all the difference. When a couple and their families take such thoughtful steps to assist photographers, the result is a collection of unbeatable photos that encapsulate the essence and beauty of the entire wedding.

So, let’s delve into the magical journey of Koushik and Suganya’s wedding, where love, cooperation, and a shared vision created the perfect setting for capturing these unforgettable moments. We’re thrilled to share this incredible experience with you, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy every bit of it.


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