A Fun Tambrahm Wedding in Chennai, Tamilnadu

A Fun Tambrahm Wedding in Chennai, Tamilnadu

A wedding party before a Tambrahm style wedding? That was something brand new for us, we did not know that the Tambrahms partied! We have always thought Tambrahm weddings to be serious (and beautiful) laden with a lot of rituals, but at Swetharaksha and Kumaresh’s wedding, we were in for a treat! They were both super fun to hang around with, and they also invited us to the pre wedding party just so we could get to meet all their immediate family and gel with them in order for us to understand more about their culture. It helps because it fuses into our photography a sense of bonding, camaraderie, and emotion. They also told us that they did a lot of research before zeroing on us and that made us feel more responsible and happy! The wedding rituals went on for 3 days but the bride and the groom very cool about it all. They both live in the US, and we wish them a warm, long and a wonderful married life together! We also got some great shots of the couple – at the beach, at the temple apart from the wedding shots – we would love for you to comment and let us know what you thought of the pictures. Thank you!

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