Best LOVE Proposal in Tamil



Aishwarya decided to surprise her groom, and organized a secret ‘proposal’ at a beach resort along the East Coast Road. WHAT A MORNING THAT WAS! Everyone was told that this was a Pre-Wedding Shoot, but the cat was let out of the bag when we reached the venue. Bill boards, placards, balloons and bride boards. The resort was superbly decked up, and as cherry on the top, Aishwarya had arranged for a group dance, a la Tamil Cinema, before the actual proposal happened. Man, the Bride had some professional moves! The mood was festive, and the dance was ethereal, Aishwarya grooved for her groom to all the top Tamizh numbers, while the groom and us stood stunned for aishwarya was extremely thorough and professional.

This lady has everything her way for a heroine, except that her hero was in front of her, nodding and overwhelmed at the sheer awesomeness of his bride! We had a blast shooting. Heavenly locale, a very out-of-the-world proposal, an extremely good looking couple, and some fantastic moves… Our camera kept jumping euphorically on this classic jugalbandi! Best LOVE Proposal in Tamil, This is definitely one of the best works we have done thus far, and we are way too proud of how we have handled our camera during this Best LOVE Proposal Ever in Tamil shoot. Thank you, Aishwarya and Pranesh! 🙂


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