Best Christian Wedding Photography in Tamil Nadu

Best Christian Wedding Photography in Tamil Nadu

Crimson Roses, White frock Angel Bride, Shiny suit Handsome Groom. Guess what? It’s a Christian Wedding. We always loved to click Christian weddings since there is no distractions, no crowd around the couples and no noise. The wedding was held at Nagercoil. And it turned out to be the best Christian wedding photography in Tamil Nadu.
The home prayer was divine and the march from bride and grooms house towards the church was joyful. The Church was decorated with flowers and balloons, looked like a heavenly place. Geofre marched towards the church with his pals (all in suits) which helped us to click some class shots. Preethi on an equal footing, like a white snow and metamorphosed into a ravishing Bride. We captured astonished frames from a prodigious couple. We have posted some pictures from the wedding here. Hope you folks like them.

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