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Budding love in Kovai | Ashwatha & Vignesh

Best Wedding Photographer in Coimbatore

Have you heard this before? the time you enjoyed wasting wasn’t wasted! True, right? Weddings are one such moment; we might presume them as boring hours of a day and somehow end up appearing; for attendance is compulsory no matter if it’s your cousin or cousin’s cousin marriage. But You’ll tend to change your mind when you step into the mandapam or party hall. why? because witnessing Wedding rituals are fun-filled events and group gathering is double awesome, so this will trigger any couch potato to grab another Wedding invitation.

When we heard Ashwatha and Vignesh are celebrating their Wedding in Kovai, a flash of exhilarating thoughts rolled for a moment and we readily packed our equipment and decamped the city of traffics to relish in the zone of chill breeze. On arriving, we happened to discuss our second thoughts on street photography for the beauty of Kovai stole our eyes. But, unfortunately, you see “second thoughts” don’t live for a longer period. Yes, we were back to Wedding photography once our eyes met the vibrantly wrapped people at the wedding! After all, Wedding photography is an art and we’re the masters in crafting such art! Do you know how to validate your path? When your choice of career fuels your soul! Yep, that’s when you’re considered as “living your life”. Joy and happiness radiated from our faces as we realized this.

Well, on walking past the entrance, we recognized the spacious halls, extraordinary props like embellished bullock carts, and the lush greenery zones, CODISSIA has offered us. These were brilliantly utilized for backdrops and we know you’ll not agree unless you see it yourself. So, scroll it down and get a glimpse of the beauty what we perceived. Also, It was quite engrossing to see not a single soul resting rather busy sharing their stories. Both the couple shoot and Wedding were performed on the very same day for CODDISIA afforded countryside scenery. Ashwatha was dazzling in her traditional attire “Pattu pudavai” while Vignesh seemed cheerful and handsome. We stole their blushing smiles and whispering promises as and when they shared.

Don’t you think, they’re more than cute and puerile? Yes, they are! somewhere inside we felt they are highly photogenic or hey hold on, maybe they’re gifted with pure beauty. Whatever, as a pair, needless to say, they were an ethereal combo! jump into their gallery and let’s know which picture attracts you more in the comment section.

Best Wedding Photographer in Coimbatore 

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