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100% Fun & Fun Only | Iswarya & Praneesh

Beautiful Sangeet Dance Performance Tamil Iswarya & Pranessh

100% FUN & FUN ONLY { Watch till the END of the Video }

It was a lovely and fine evening, we the whole team were so busy and working hard, planning and execution, screenplay, direction heyyyy ah… hold on eh! he he he he, not like that. We were very casual. It happened we just captured as it unfolds. Even the shooting crew didn’t knew that this would be sequence of the event. A visual feast through the viewfinder while shot Iswarya & Praness’s Sangeet dance performance. Each and every family member and friends were danced on the floor. Well planned theme and shooting storyboard might get flop in sometimes. But this was not that case. Must say this is a trend setter South Indian Sangeet Video, the energy level was so overflowing. Iswarya’s bro Soma Sekar and her mother used to say that memories is the only thing which we carry with us… We really proud that we captured their life’s most fun and memorable moments through our lens.

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Beautiful Sangeet Dance Performance Tamil Iswarya & Pranessh

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