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Divine Muslim Nikkah | Faaria & Nisar

Beautiful Indian Muslim Wedding Nikkah

Dear God of Gods, Dear Allah, we have never witnessed a wedding like this. We have never encountered a family like this. What was special, was made more special. All that was grand, was made grander. And there was a heart, tiny little one, sitting on the elevation, like the crowning glory. This heart could accommodate so much love, respect, beauty and glory in it. And this heart was made of two wonderful people- Faaria and Nisar, and we are glad to have been recipient of their umbrella of affection!

Some weddings are like the Aurora lights. Difficult to spot, but when spotted, you just cannot take your eyes off them. And when the lights dismantle into the cloud of the universe, you will still stand there, stop and stare, and look for the light. You just cannot get over it. We are still reeling under the auspices of this Nikkah that made us stop, stare and beauty sigh. We were doubly enthralled by it. We were also equally careful because we din’t want a tinge of regret after the shoot (“Oh, we could have done this shot better”, “Ouch, we could have understood that ritual more”) and hence we did our homework in advance. When we entered the venue, we realized that we were unprepared not for the shoot, but for all the affection and love that came pouring upon us from the families. That took some time to believe, you know? The good sort of believe where you are so overwhelmed because you so can’t believe it’s true? It was that moment for us.

The venue was Leela Palace, but when we entered the five star property, it did not look anything like the plain big hall of the hotel. It was the grand temple of Allah, the well-decorated bay that would witness the Nikkah of the couple. And it was our responsibility to capture this grandeur. It would be a colossal sin to do justice to this decoration, and we decided to give our best shot in filming at the most artistic way possible. The festivities began with the Haldi ceremony where the bride glowed in crimsons of yellow and orange, the Haldi on her face and feet reflecting her life-to-be with Nisar. Content like the morning sun, and happy like the monsoon rains. The couple looked their best for Shukraana, and the nikah followed the ceremony.

The Nikah is the most important ceremony of the Islamic wedding, and we could actually understand the significance of this ceremony because it was so intimate and equally short but the energy was such that one could never not be smitten by the happenings around. It looked like as if Allah’s presence could be felt in the hall. Surrounded by family and friends, in the grand hall of the Leela Palace, wearing the best of clothes and looking ravishing in their designer wear, Nisar and Faariya got married and it was such a sight we tell you witnessed another level of grand in the spectrum of grand, and we hoped and prayed that Allah bless the couple with all the happiness and love that they can offer to each other.

We had a ball shooting for Farida and Nissar’s wedding. But we would love to know what you think about our Wedding Film. Write to us, add a comment or if you are so much in love with their Wedding shots, share it on your wall, and show us some kindness! May Allah bless all of us.

Beautifu Indian Muslim Wedding Nikkah Faaria and Nisar

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