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Dream Wedding Of Two Families | Preetha & Rahul

A Dream Wedding of Two Families PREETHA & RAHUL

By August 14, 2015Wedding Film

This is a love story that we watch in films and swoon over in our dreams. A boy and a girl are friends from childhood. Their families have known each other for a long time. Boy and girl move away from each other because growing up happens. And one day, all of a sudden, the parents suggest that they meet, and become friends. “Happy birthday, Preetha”, he texts. And then they meet, on the same day, Preetha’s birthday. Rahul and Preetha hang out, get to know each other, and along the way, they fall in love without really realizing that they are in love. “the proposal was the sweetest thing he ever did” reminisces Preetha while talking about her D-day. The parents were only too happy, Preetha and Rahul get married and they lived happily ever after. Sounds like a fairytale isn’t it? The wedding was a fairytale as well. Mayor Ramanathan Hall in Chennai was a beautiful sight to behold on the wedding morning. Rahul mounted a horse, and rode through to meet his beautiful bride Preetha outside the mandap. The festivities began with the beating of the Chenda Mela, and the wedding was like the ones that heaven would play host to. Rahul, and Preetha tied the knot at the Tamizh Style, surrounded by their parents, well-wishers, and relatives. Let’s wish them best luck, and the video will show you how certain we are that they are made for each other. They are made for each other, aren’t they? Like and share, and show us your love!

A Dream Wedding of Two Families PREETHA & RAHUL 

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