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Super Chilled Couple | Vignesh & Kala

Tamil Hindu Wedding Candid Photography

Wedding are rather serious, aren’t they? Everyone else has fun but the bride and the groom perennially sweat in tension. The parents- even more. But Vignesh and Kala’s Tamil Hindu Wedding Candid Photography in Tamil Nadu was very different. For one, the bride and the groom had fun. Hold on, they aren’t supposed to ‘have fun’ right? But things were a little different here. The groom in-especial was so super chilled out. He made people laugh and made everyone dance to the rhythm with his long disarming smile. Photographers have their own moods-wings too. We are constantly worried about the shots, angle, the light, and ‘capturing the present’. But thanks to Vignesh, and the pretty chilled-out atmosphere, we were made to feel so much at ease, and our shots also reflect the fun and the jocularity that energized the atmosphere. Vignesh and Kala make a lovely couple. They definitely had more fun getting married, than any of the others would have. And that’s a compliment. 🙂


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