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Mesmerizing Celebrity Wedding | Ganesh & Nisha

Ganesh Venkatram and Nisha Krishnan Wedding

Tamil Brahmin Wedding, absolutely gorgeous looking couple, Iskon Temple, Brilliant weather, the awesome tradition, colorful flowers, and Ela Saapadu Sounds like a movie set doesn’t it? Ganesh Venkatraman and Nisha’s Tambrahm wedding was like that. We are not sure if people started working if a movie was shot at that space with these envying good looking people. Ganesh has a supremely well toned physic and it was hotness overload for everyone around to see him in the Panchakacham avataar. Imagine so much temperature shooting up in the breezy November weather in Chennai! Sigh, and then we looked at our happy single packs and heaved a sigh of convenient contentment and resumed shooting for the wedding. Nisha rocked every bit in Madisar. Arakku suited her so well, we heard and when a friend told us about ‘Saamudhrika Lakshanam’, we couldn’t help but think of Nisha in her madisar. Hope her folks took measures to counter enough and more of these drishtis, trust us, she was that beautiful!

Iskon is an amazing place to host a wedding. The ambience, the quaint and the peaceful aura of the place leads to some amount inner focus as well and that helped us cover this wonderfully hosted wedding in a very nice pace. All the stuffs made proud us like Best Brahmin Celebrity Wedding Photographers in Chennai Focuz Studios and Their families were calm and composed, the couple was beautiful and calm and composed, and the place was so calm that calm was so overused in this wedding (that we think is such a high!). From Kaashi Yaathra to Nalangu, everything was photo perfect. You should see our pictures to believe it! We wish Ganesh and Nisha a beautiful, healthy and a happy married life, and we hope to see them as gorgeous as this forever. Look at the pictures which feast to eyes.

Ganesh Venkatram and Nisha Krishnan Wedding Photos Stills Focuz Studios


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