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Fascinating Reception With Flash Mob | Ganesh & Nisha

Ganesh Venkatram and Nisha Krishnan Wedding Reception

How is it like to look at the night sky and see the brightest of stars shining so bright that you are blinded by the spectacular vision? Ganesh Venkatram and Nisha’s Wedding Reception was like that. The brightness of the twin stars was amplified by their stardom, and people  went awwwwwwww just looking at how good they looked! Star Weddings are a huge responsibility. When Focuz Studios were asked to shoot for Ganesh and Nisha’s Wedding people told us about fussy the stars can get, and how this might be a little different for us. Ganesh and Nisha are not new to the camera and people. These two very successful actors are a brand by themselves and they definitely aren’t new to the camera. We were wondering how it is going to be like to manage a starlet couple but it turned out to be one of our sweetest experiences to-date! The challenge we had given ourselves here was how to shoot this wedding. Do we shoot this wedding with the specifications with which movies or shot, or do we make a professional wedding video? After going back with my team to and fro, we finally came up with a really interesting idea to shoot the star couple’s wedding, and run through their reception moments, and you will see how easily you will be surprised.

If the Greek Gods were jealous, we are sure they were jealous of Ganesh’s looks. He is definitely one of the most charming and handsome actors in the entire world. His smile and good looks have charmed so many girls in India now, and we are sure his inbox is flooded with fan emails filled with broken hearts. If Greek Gods get married, they would get married to a girl like Nisha. Beauty personified. Her smile is gorgeous, and her nature lovely, this girl stole the show with her stunning looks and costume. She wore a designer gown by Rachel, who is also Kangana Ranaut’s designer, and she knew how to pull that look off. Nisha just needs to smile, and the whole world will sit up and take note of her gorgeousness. The stage was oozing good looks when the star couple stood in the stage for their reception.

Ganesh’s entry to the reception stage was a riot. It all started off with a flash mob, was such a blast that we were pretty pissed that we had to focus on the camera and not see these stars dance. Talk about being diligent at work. A stream of celebrities from the Film Industry poured in to wish the couple, The aura on the stage just magnified like the light from thousand suns together, and we wished we had some high vision to withstand all the awesomeness on stage. We were totally overwhelmed seeing these stars who are our favorites on-screen, and whose movies we grew up with and Stay Tuned!

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