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A Royal Nuptial | Ganesh & Janani

Big Fat South Indian Wedding at Rajapalayam Tamilnadu

This was the family Wedding of Anantham Silks, who operate out of kumbakonam and Ramnad, and the wedding was just like the silk they weave- Top class, solid, artistic, and DIFFERENT. Groom – Ganesh and his brothers were very specific about what they wanted from their Wedding Photographers and their expectation was pretty straightforward: To capture the moments of the Wedding as is, and as candid in approach as possible. The Wedding was an opportunity for us to show ourselves what we were capable of, because this wedding was the coming together of all the best technicians in the business. The decor, the couture, the food, the Mandap, the entertainment, and then Focuz Studios™ We were happy to be recognized as part of that league.

We would like to acknowledge how the Anantham Silks family were absolute enablers in helping us shoot satisfactorily for the Wedding. They held a lot of meetings with us before the event date, and clearly communicated about their wants and needs. We had clear discussion about how the photography should be during the entire ceremony.  They pretty set their expectations on the table, and we were extremely made aware of the wedding preparations and the agenda. The Mandap was situated conveniently in the midst of a lovely field- green and more green all over for our cameras to go berserk and act all high on adrenaline. Us being us, would we ever afford to miss out an opportunity as green as this splendor? Bring in the queen of all drones, and capture an aerial shot. And that’s exactly what we did! Queen droned in and captured the most splendid green with an aerial shot. We guess nature was so happy with that particular shot that she blessed the couple for a togetherness as silky as Anandham Silks. 🙂 The bride entered with a treatment befitting the most Royal of all the Royal households- in a Pallakku decked up with gorgeous silk, and the bride all silked up like the Fairy Silk Goddess, this entry was a treat to all our aesthetic appetite. The Theyyam dancers did their bit to spruce the wedding up. Theyyam is an ancient traditional art-form from Kerala. They hired the best Theyyam exponents from Kerala to dance the dance of Gods, and sure the Gods danced in the forms of Saraswathi, Maha Vishnu, Narasimha, Meenakshi, and our very own Mariamma. The experience was overwhelming that no amount of words would be sufficient to describe this emotion! and we wonder if this is how the Hindu Gods feasted and Celebrated their weddings. We were thoroughly and clearly engrossed in the Theyyam performance and need we say that we tried to capture what we felt in our hearts through our camera? Take a look at these pictures for yourself:

The family members were all dressed up uniformly, and the Mandapam decor was insanely awesome. We can vouch for the fact that this was the BEST WEDDING that we have ever witnessed, and we believe all Wedding Planners should take a cue out of such massivity to add more weight to their portfolio. The Anantham Silks wedding has added such an enthralling reputation to our portfolio, and we are thrilled to have shot this BIGGEST FAT SOUTH INDIAN WEDDING WITH TONS OF GOLD FOR A HEART. The fact that the wedding was hosted in the countryside amidst mother nature’s lap added a lot of loveliness and made complete justice to all the arrangements that were made. Hats off to the Anantham Family, and we hope and pray that Ganesh and Janani’s life journey is as ‘Anantham’ as their wedding, and ofcourse, their silks!

Anantham – Euphoria, elevated happiness!


— Big Fat South Indian Wedding at Rajapalayam Tamilnadu | Ganesh + Janani


  • Janani says:

    Such an beautiful pair and the shots were extremely pleasing and photogenic environment !!!! Each and every moment and the setting of stages and environment for marriage were awestruck !!! Perfect clicks taken by Focuz studios !!!! Hats off and yes as per the quotes above the photo shows that the wedding is like a silk weaving !!!!! The way the photos got taken is like perfect bliss of silk saree originality and each and every clicks seems to be more perfect !!!! Well done and way to go !!!!!

  • Janani says:

    The photos r just amazing…You truly captured every single moment for us & the photos really does contain memories to treasure..Photos r much more than we hv envisioned…You were so awesome to work with & just made us feel so comfortable…We ll definitely be recommeding you to all our friends & family when its their turn to get married…

  • Prakash Muthuraman says:

    no words to say Mr. chandru sir it’s such awesome thanks a lot really it’s unfold……….

  • karthik Raja.Subramani says:

    I Just Can’t Believe it… Very Nice Sir (chandru Sir & Saran Sir)

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