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What is Wedding Film? Wedding Cinematography?

By June 27, 2014Others

A wedding we believe is like a movie. The coming together of so many beautiful things into one big happy story that is timeless. Isn’t it important to capture this fairy-tale, the way it is supposed to be? Enter us in the picture, and we will take of the rest. Wedding moments are a motion form Candid/Artistic Photography. The shots are taken cinematically. The angles are coordinated extensively such that they involve a lot of cinematic film-making aspects. Its strictest definition should be the use of these cinematic techniques to enhance and elaborate the usual aspects of wedding video. To throw some technical jargon in, we use ultra wide-angle shots, telephoto, macro, creative shots, smooth shooting, low light shots and solid editing etc., to give you a Monsoon Wedding Part 2. This is just film-making at its best. Only happy endings and too many colors and pretty faces to boot, you will love watching it.  We tell your story in an artistic way of capturing.

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