How familiar is your team with religious rituals? Would you be able to do justice to a..let’s say a traditional Tamil Brahmin Wedding / Christian Kerala wedding?

Trust us when we say this, we also dig in a lot into cultures. We are very serious when we commit as wanting to be the best in the business, and that definitely takes some extra effort. We read a lot on the wedding rituals and the important ‘functions’ that are part of these different styles of hosting a wedding. Our portfolio is also superbly diverse. From a Traditional Tambrahm wedding to a typical Muslim wedding, to a cross country grand fairytale wedding, we have done it all, and we have been successful in capturing the most important moments with a lot of panache.

If we are asked to shoot for a completely new culture, we make sure we sit down with the family to understand more about each and every part of the ritual. A wedding is like poetry. It’s got a lot of variety, but at the end of the day, it’s still poetry. We believe that we write poems very well, and that’s all that matters.