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A Couple Shoot beneath the Stars | Sangeetha & Eneyan

Pre Wedding Shoot at Night in Chennai

Night shoots are hard to capture in the eyes of those who couldn’t hone their skills. True, capturing or recording a shoot on a bright sunny day is quite easier when compared to the darkness. But not with a professional photographer, as they consistently welcome challenges. No matter if it’s a Sunny or an inky hour. Focuz Studios has never met a hurdle in Pre-wedding shoots at nights. Furthermore, night shoots throw a green light to a serene atmosphere where both the photographer and the subjects would find peace and freedom in a bustling city.

Snapping in Metro train and Ranganathan street, Chennai

Sangeetha and Eneyan were one best-loved couple in our history. They readily agreed on our suggestion for a night shoot when they came up with a scheduled date for snapping their couple shoot. Metro rail was the first poked thought in our minds. The compartments in the train were much empty and that favored us to click many shots. In the meantime, the next spot for the pre-wedding shot at night was suggested for T. Nagar – Ranganathan street. This is one among the busiest streets in India. One could never cross this street without bumping the other. But, when encountered under the shades of the moon, we’re astonished to the see the emptiness. This enabled us to take many shots on the messy street and in the near subway.

Couple shot on the flyovers

As a Photographer, we couldn’t preclude the flyovers when it comes to a night shoot. The couple showered their love on each other and posed as gracefully as how we suggested, no matter how many flyovers we stumbled across the city. T. Nagar bridge, Napier bridge, Tidal IT park foot-over bridge on the Rajiv Gandhi Salai commonly referred as OMR road, and few other prominent places in Chennai were covered. Each shot is unique and cannot be equated with the other. The costumes were frequently changed to get the ideal shot from the couple. We were super energetic throughout the night and the ideas were popping consistently which led us to the Central station and lighthouse.

Shots near Central Station and Lighthouse, Chennai

Many of the Indian Kollywood movies had filmed their songs and critical climax scenes in and around the lighthouse and central Station for they’re the eminent places in the city of Chennai to hang around. In this pre-wedding shoot at night, the couple relished the chill breeze and has gotten lost in the web of fondness that’s been built lately between them and we didn’t miss to snap those emotions.

Manna Villa resort in ECR

This is a dedicated place for a pre-wedding couple shoot. Manna Villa on ECR road is often preferred by the couples as it holds numerous distinctive designs and is spacious enough to capture the desired shots. The bride has worn a red gown and the groom chose the formal outfit with suspenders that blended colorfully and enhanced the beauty of this lovey-dovey couple.

On the whole, this one-night couple shoot has added tremendous memories to our night shoot Photography experiments. The tranquility of the city was witnessed and the couple shoot was brilliantly documented in the quietness of the city beneath the blanket of the stars.

Pre Wedding Shoot at Night in Chennai

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