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Perfect Sync In Voices | Shruti & Karthikeyan

A Beautiful Tambrahm Wedding at Hyderabad

Like looks can kill, looks like also be hide the mischief that is intrinsic to an individual. Shruti looks really coy in her wedding photographs and videos, but she is so much fun in person. She loves to talk and we were wondering how more lucky can Karthik get (Just kidding!) While shooting her makeup shots, we also realized that Shruti was a keen observer. She is super inquisitive and had interesting questions about everything under the sun!

Karthik has a sophisticated charm to him, and the handsome lad is working and living in the United Kingdom. Shruthi and Karthik look perfect for each other and their’s was a traditional Brahmin style wedding.

Well, most Brahmin weddings aren’t that much fun. The rituals last for hours and then some more. But Shruthi and Karthik’s wedding was interesting because there were only the close family members and friends, so the crowd was less, and this kind of made the wedding feel and look very intimate and personal. We started shooting at Shruti’s house – her’s was a traditional house that had a touch of the modern while it retained the aroma of the ancient, we are wondering if that’s her personality too.

Through the course of shooting for the wedding, we also realized that Shruti is a fantastic singer – her song is her wedding video opener. 🙂 Karthik did not wait to catch up, he sang a song too and we are thrilled to attach it towards the end of the video. Their wedding video is real music – the couple’s voices in perfect sync just like how we envision their life to be.

The wedding had all the ingredients akin to a well executed Brahmin wedding – great colors, lots of red, really good looking people and superb lipsmacking food. The maamas and maamis along with the couple took to the adrenaline and danced their way to happiness during their janavasam. We wish Shruthi and Karthik’s married life is as happy and colorful as them.

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