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Wedding Across An Atlantic Ocean | Bhargav & Sweta

TamBrahm Wedding Across an Atlantic Ocean

Imagine a performance art in a closed amphitheater filled with extraordinarily talented people, equally beautiful, supremely graceful, and totally endearing. Now pamper the place with a lot of aesthetics, smother some sandal and other flavored perfume, add world class music, lots of fresh colorful flowers, and lip smacking food. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Now move a step further, and Imagine a wedding unfold in the above setting. That’s another level of spectacular, isn’t it?
Bhargav and Sweta’s wedding at AVM Rajeshwari Mandap in Chennai was like that.

Oh, and their love story is the postercard for Internet love marriages. Bhargav and Sweta met each other online. As Sweta puts it, the both of them became friends, and then became best friends, and it is only fair to guess that love was on the horizon. But they were continents apart. Sweta is a London bred Telugu Girl, while our groom Bhargav is the NRI-Mappillai from the United States. They met. He proposed, the parents met and now, they are married. Gives us all romantics some hope, heh?

We also got a lot of insider scoop on their love story. This couple can speak about Sanskrit, and then pop culture, all in the same breath. Infact Bhargav loved that about her. The blush in his voice is strewn with endearment when we ask what is the best thing about getting married to Sweta. “The fact that she balances both the Indian and the Western tradition, and blends them beautifully together is what I was looking for in a partner”. And boy, we are glad they found each other. Lucky are the ones that always find their other. 🙂

The bride too had amazing things to say about her husband-to-be. “He is kind and funny”, she smiles with fondness. It was a profound moment when she spoke about how it is going to be difficult for her family as she will be moving to the United States from London. “Imagine your daughter/sister moving to her husband’s house after her wedding”, she monologues and for a moment, there is sentiment and empathy oozing out of us.

Their wedding was one mind-blowing affair to remember. Their friends had come down specially to attend their wedding, and they wore the traditional indian wedding clothes! Fun.Fun.Fun of photographing. They danced and sang along with the grand old aunts and grand parents of the couple, and the families are over the moon about that. No wonder Shwetha says that she “never imagines her wedding this grand”. And we cannot but nod our heads in agreement. There were horses and chariots, palaces, and king-sized simhaasanams, the stuff that royal weddings are made of. Their Janavasam was at the Cathedral Road at the the heartland of Chennai. It is super difficult to get permission to walk your wedding parade along the road, but the groom’s family managed to pull this task up! The wedding was hosted in the typical SaamaVeda Brahmin tradition and we loved shooting for this couple.

Time for Wedding Film, and rivaling in this affair that will be remembered. Presenting to you, Bhargav and Sweta big day.

TamBrahm Wedding Across an Atlantic Ocean BHARGAV and SWETA

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