Focuz Studios South Indian Wedding Photography

The wedding industry is rapidly gaining popularity in India and photography plays a major role in the moments of celebrations. A South Indian wedding photography encapsulates the varied rituals and traditions. Ordinarily, every ritual holds a moral tale or folklore behind them. Indians are super treasurers when it comes to the fact of preserving their culture. Hence, people give it in the hands of a photographer to freeze their special moments in order to revisit their memories after decades.

Focuz Studios has witnessed various rituals, weddings, pre -wedding events, couple shoots, wedding films, save the date video photo shoots and what not. The two major kinds of Photography styles existing in the South Indian wedding celebration are Candid Photography and Traditional Photography. Candid Photography is an art of snapping or recording the moments that when flipped or played looks as raw as when it had happened. Posed portraits are the fruits of traditional photography. Sometimes, both patterns of photography are hired in a Wedding ceremony and sometimes semi-candid photography is opted, depending on the family and the couple’s favor. Being in a South Indian Wedding photography field we’ve snapped wedding pictures, recorded Wedding films, captured the couple shoots and documented save the date videos. We’ve joined many South Indian weddings that embrace Tamil, Tambrahm, Mallu, Chettinad, Kongu, Srilankan, Konkani and Telugu weddings and were gifted to witness many Kashi Yatra, Haldi ceremonies, Nalangu, pre-wedding rituals, Janavasam, Mehendi events, Vridhams and other fine details of rituals cherished by the families of Christian, Hindu or a Muslim couples.

Dive into the ocean of Wedding photography which are snapped and shot by Focuz Studios crew in recent days. Comment on your favorite Picture for recognizing our skills and rewarding them is the real booster that drives us.