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Inter Continental Love | Jiyad & Kay

Pre Wedding Couple Shoot In Chennai

There is no dearth for Focuz Studios to capture priceless moments of hitched hearts. Here is another one with magical love in it. The first gear of sight was executed across Indian Ocean. Surprised? It is a tale of an Intercontinental love and their pre wedding couple shoot in Chennai.

Mr & Mrs

Jiyad is born and brought up in Chennai. Kay Zanne is from Australia. To emphasize, Ocean wasn’t a barrier for them. Ultimately destiny made them meet each other. For Kay, distance meant so little when Jiyad meant so much. Indeed, they are a match made in heaven. Their pre wedding couple shoot in Chennai was a breezy experience for us.

Pre wedding couple shoot in Chennai:

Sun was shining its warm golden light. The entire beach was glowing under its morning warmth and the dew was still plainly visible on every grain of the shore sand. Jiyad was head over heels with Kay Zanne. It was like he said those three little words for the first time to her. What an enthusiastic moment! The place called intercontinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort. It was a perfect location which offered us many angles of photography.  We played with lights and angles. And it turned out to be the best pre wedding couple shoot in Chennai.

We did some experiments with light and it worked like charm. We love photography even more when realizing our techniques are being improved on every single click. Over all we hope you enjoy these pictures of pre wedding couple shoot in Chennai much as we did. Though we love all our clicks, 6th one is our favorite. Take a peek and do let us know your favorite pictures in the comments section and don’t forget to share.

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