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It is nothing but all about eye behind the camera

Wedding photography is all about the beauty of a moment. The most beautiful moment could be at a flicker of a second, and a good photograph is always about keeping the moment from running away. At Focuz Studios, we are a hyper enthusiastic bunch of obsessively passionate people who are constantly listening with our eyes. We believe and surrender to the power of a good photograph. Great photography comes from that special moment when beautiful light, a unique location and dynamic composition all combine to capture and create emotion. The emotion may be the raw determination of a swimmer lunging to touch the wall, the laughter of a small child as she plays with a sibling, or that special feeling you have as you witness a once in a lifetime occasion. Whether photographing athletes for a specialty publication, or shooting a family photo session, this is my goal as a professional photographer, to capture those emotions, to record those moments, and preserve those memories forever.

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Chandru Bharathy

Director of Photography | Lead Candid Photographer

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A Computer Graphics Artist, 3D Lighting Artist and of course, a Cinematography Editor, Chandru has more than a decade of experience in photography and photography design. He literally lives and breathes photography, and considers bad pictures as a personal offence.
While working as a Photography artist for films, Chandru came across a couple of Wedding albums with badly taken pictures. The Wedding album seemed to capture the ‘event’, and not the ‘moment’ and our man sprung up with a vision to change the Indian Wedding Photography scene. A while later, we all said hello to Focuzstudios.
Chandru has brought in his own artistic excellence to the team. He loves to experiment with myriad styles of photography, and particularly specializes in capturing cinematic shots with a depth of field, blending them in a photo journalistic style, all with a golden touch of professionalism. For him taking pictures is savoring life intensely, and he hopes to capture a lot of extraordinarily beautiful moments with Focuzstudios.

Our Gears

We are Canon People; We don’t know any other cameras apart from Canon lol …. Yes! we always use Canon Cameras for our Shoot, Currently we are using Canon 5D Mark III Camera with all major lenses to handle any situation, We use right lens for the right Shot, we never give-up our quality by compromising of Gear.